So, did you know that Kevin Drew has his own brand of body butter? Well, now you do, and it's apparently tequila lime flavored. You can pick up a 150-ml bottle for $20 through the cosmetics company Wildrose Magnolia if it's something you'd be into. The body butter is described as "Our 100% waterless condensed Body Butter is nourishing, hydrating and rich with antioxidants. Free from preservatives, synthetics, fillers and junk! Protects and soothes chapped winter skin or sunburns. PS, also makes a nice shaving balm, and try a dab on your hair as a leave on conditioner. Apply often and have a good time!”

Drew's new album Darlings is out today on Arts & Crafts, and in the commercial for the product below, he sings the album's track appropriately titled 'Body Butter'. It's "handcrafted with BIG LOVE in Toronto.” Who knew that Kevin Drew knows a thing or two about skin care?