There is nothing sexier than having standards. They prove that you have enough self-confidence to know what you want out of a relationship. On the single, 'Are You Down', Oddnesse singer and songwriter Rebeca Arango outlines her own desires for a potential suitor, but her world turns surreal in the music video accompanying the track. Watch the clip below.

In light of its relative specificity, Arango calls this her “Piña Colada song, in reference to the Rupert Holmes ditty [‘Escape’].” Oddnesse’s track has a similar downtempo groove, though it points more toward dream pop with a synth backbone. You’ll notice the inclusion of the frosty coconut beverage in the video as well, though it first appears in glass as if on display at a museum. Arango browses several cases of varying curiosities, before realizing that she herself is caught between walls of psychic energy. Love is a mysterious thing, and best experienced with an open mind, or else you may suffer a similar fate: trapped within rigid expectations of your own making.

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