UK Film makers, Game Developers, Writers and Musicians received some welcome news this weekend. Crowd funding website Kickstarter is finally coming to the UK from the 31st of October. The good news is you can start prepping your project for launch right now.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, it’s impossible not to have noticed Kickstarter’s rise in the US. Notable projects that have received funding from the site are the open source gaming console, Ouya, and the more contentious Amanda Palmer (who received a bit of a verbal slap from Steve Albini after she used Kickstarter to fund her LP).

It has been confirmed that there won’t be a separate Kickstarter site; UK projects will be listed with all the other campaigns, allowing British users to secure funding on a global scale. In a climate where the British Government are cutting funding to the creative industries, Kickstarter’s timing couldn’t be better.