Following the success of Pledge Music and their own success stateside, Kickstarter have today launched their crowdsourcing service in the UK.

Amanda Palmer is the most notable beneficiary of the service in the US having raised $1.2million from her fans while some of the more successful campaigns include Ouya, a video games console which initially had a $950,000 target and raised $8,596,474 and a project called Pebble Watch, which blitzed it $100,000 target and raised $10,266,845.

The company may even expand further as head of community Yancey Strickler told the BBC, "We're going to see how the UK launch goes and figure out the next moves from there. There's a lot of places that will be interesting."

Kickstarter take just 5% of each successful pledge and has so far raised over £211m ($340m) since its launch in 2009 with over 70,000 projects pitched while the success rate currently stands at around 40%.