Thanks largely to Daft Punk's Random Access Memories, disco suddenly returned to favor in the world landscape. For a lot of people, that trend ran its course and has once again exited the mainstream view. But thankfully there are still groups like Kid Bloom who are keeping the grooves thumping and the feet shuffling. This LA-based quintet is preparing to release a new EP, due out on Sept. 29, and they've released a shimmering disco ball-style single 'Take My Breath Away.'

Replete with chicken-pick guitars, arpeggiating synths, sly strings, bombastic horns and just the right amount of cheese, Kid Bloom seems to be swimming through the clouds and offering a hand to another world. The track is airy and sexy, offering a vibe that wouldn't have been out of place in P.T. Anderson's Boogie Nights. According to the group, they were aiming for something more on the order of Saturday Night Fever in space.

"We wanted to evoke a celestial Bee Gees vibe," said Kid Bloom. "The instrumentation is quite different from anything we've ever done, lots of synths and string arrangements. Psych disco."

You can stream 'Take My Breath Away' below, and keep your eyes open for a spacey, funky EP from Kid Bloom in late September..