22 year-old Joey Butler flies under the alias of Kid Smpl, a name under which the precocious producer creates beguiling, sparse electronic slices in his native Seattle.

This kid's sound is indebted to Burial for sure, though, he succeeds in carving his own glittering distinct tone spliced with a deeply melancholic atmosphere; the Gang Colours-esque silences dominate and devastate, with space so intense it threatens to engulf the entire EP. 'Night Bus' is a term that has been affixed to Kid Smpl - whatever the merits of this as a genre-term is irrelevant - let's just say it's pretty bang-on in summing up the otherworldly, urban vibe of the EP, titled Escape Pod. If the four-tracks possess a raison d'etre, it'd be for the resonant, bass-driven sound to enrich and unnerve serotonin-prickled ears and scrambled heads at 4am, possibly on the 176 bus that carves through warmly-lit South London streets to boroughs unknown. Other night buses in other metropolises are available.

Escape Pod is out today via new-label Hush Hush Records, also based in Seattle, and a full-length LP will see the light of day later this year.

Listen to the EP below and buy from here - and watch this space for some exclusive Kid Smpl happenings this month on The 405.