Kids Of The Apocalypse have seemingly erupted from nowhere, spewing forth a pop-drenched track, 'Masters Of The Sun', into the abyss of the Internet. Very little is known about this act, and a quick Google of their name reveals nowt. Are they a collective? A band? Producers or a solo artist? His/her/their website is a retro word-based RPG, written in fanciful imagery, but still giving nothing away; the music video for their first offering is similarly nostalgic – Grimes must be writhing in her Care Bear onesie. Obviously, all this wouldn't have us salivating at the enigma if there wasn't a stellar little treasure to go alongside it. In this age of instant media and zero privacy (clearly Bowie's PR are an exception), a little mystique goes a long way in making people take notice.

'Masters Of The Sun' is a grandiose track. It's been described as My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as produced by M83, which has it's merits, as Kanye West would surely be proud of this. It's layers of champagne synth, with glistening dance-pop draped over; the whole thing is a climactic crescendo of (somehow) hopeful doom and the dubstep-inspired percussion will pique a lot of interests when it inevitably hits the radio. The choir of children is reminiscent of Eminem's ghetto ballad 'Like Toy Soldiers', and while children tend to be messy, cloying little things, they add a dollop of levity to the immense effort. If this is what the Kids Of The Apocalypse are capable of, everyone should be clambering for the next morsel. 'Masters Of The Sun' could soundtrack the end of the world. Experience it below. [via Disco Naïveté]