Venue: The Flowerpot Support Bands: Joker And The Thief Date: 14/07/10 A Wednesday night doesn't normally bring much excitement, mid-week battle through work with the weekend becoming visible on the horizon. Which is why I was slightly taken a back at the site of the queue tailing around the corner of the Flowerpot in Kentish Town TV crew interviewing groups of music fans. Walking into the Flowerpot, as I have on many an occasion there was one standout difference.....cameras everywhere.   The reason for the cameras was due to the Communion team taking over the Flowerpot for one week, turning the venue into a recording studio. Bands are invited to collaborate with each other and perform live whatever new creations come about. With the cameras rolling footage will be used and included in a double album compiled from a week’s worth of recording featuring every act. A concept which is pretty unique and appealing.   First up was Joker and the Thief a noticeable band name taken from the Bob Dylan classic 'All Along the Watchtower' maybe better know through Jimmy Hendrix's version. These guys sound like a crazy half Spanish, half pirate outlaw band on the run for some petty crime. All dressed in black suits with red shirts the three piece use a whole array of instruments from ukuleles, saxophones, accordions and the singer also plays a free standing drum kit. They are entertaining to watch and singer Howlin' Dan Grabiner will make you stamp along but be careful it gets faster and faster. They even did a cover of 'All along the Watchtower' which they did proud.   Next up were Kill It Kid the main attraction. When they took to the stage my first thought was 'Jesus that guy looks about 12'. The five piece blues rock band from Bath have an interesting line up adding fiddle and keyboard to the usual drum and bass. Singer Chris Turpin shows off some excellent slide guitar amped up through dirty distortion.   Inspired by Blind Willie McTell, Chris plays guitar in an unusual style for such a loud band and does it pretty damn well. His voice is exceptional, he belts out this raw sound that takes over his whole body, he twists and turns and his face is angry. It’s like he's giving absolutely everything he's got to get it out and it is quite something to watch, nicely complimented by Ward on keys. The energy and passion Kill It Kid have you simply can not knock, their style walks somewhere between blues rock and even jazz at times. A band so young and so talented can only go on to do greater things. They are a band that sound like they should be from Texas or wouldn't be out of place as a sound track on the 'son's of anarchy'.   Best song of the night is 'Heaven Never Seemed So Close' which is truly great. The opening slide guitar builds up until the track explodes through Chris's vocal. There are a few other highlights from 'Dirt Water' and 'My Lips Won't Be Kept Clean'.   At the end of the set they welcomed all three members of 'Joker and the thief' back to the stage to belt through a song they had only learnt three hours previous. To see Kill it Kid in a small venue was exciting, to see them playing somewhere huge would be truly amazing. A band I will definitely be getting more familiar with.