"We basically gave the video the look and feel of huffing paint until you see spirits" says Anatomy, producer and beatmaker for Minneapolis-based hip-hop duo Kill The Vultures. "This is the first video from the Carnelian album. Like the rest of the album, the beat on Topsoil is grimy and it's meant to penetrate on a direct level even though it's laced with some experimental/atonal madness. The vocals are pretty metaphorical but, in my opinion, the raw experiences behind the lyrics are more vivid and clear through Crescent Moon's metaphors than if he were just spelling things out."

"Snakes, serpents, and the reptile mind were inspirations on the album. Carnelian is the name of a stone, but we chose it as a title partly because of its phonetic similarity to "reptilian". This song, from the flute to the vocals, plays around with the snake idea more than some of the other songs. The video obviously delves into this theme as well."

Carnelian made our list of albums that deserved more love in 2015, so it's a pleasure to introduce this video to the world early in 2016. Kill The Vultures are also one to watch, one to check out, one you shouldn't ignore, one with a big enough back catalogue to explore, enjoy, and lose yourself in, one to tell all your friends about and watch them lose their shit like you just did. Their atonal approach to hip hop is so uncompromising that they've been able to quietly refine their sound without ever being troubled by the mainstream, so rest assured, if you like what you hear you have four albums of gold to work through. Call it homework if you like.

Anatomy directed the video with Joe Horton. Chris Hadland handled cinematography.