Killer Mike appeared on The Nightly Show, sitting down with Larry Wilmore, Natasha Leggero, and Robin Thede (pictured above, via instagram) to talk about Rachel Dolezal.

If you don't know (how?), Dolezal is a white woman with no black ancestry posing as a black woman, and ex-president of the NAACP in Spokane; she stepped down amidst a media storm that seemed to get more confusing as it went along, at one point appearing on the news and answering "I don't understand the question" when asked "Are you African-American?" Mind-boggling stuff.

Anyway, the panel on The Nightly Show joked about it all, with Mike at one point referring to Rachel Dolezal's skin tone as "basketball orange" (reminds me of a funny tweet).

In other news: Killer Mike was going to run for office, specially for the state representative seat in Georgia's 55th district. He thought you could just get people to write your name in, but apparently a "write-in" is more official than that, as he explained via instagram:

I can't run. BUT For the folks that were willing to Write in #MichaelRender Thank U so Much. I am gonna run one day and WE WILL WIN. However in Ga I wud have to officially enter as a "write in" vs being an Actual Write in (those are the breaks) but, I really felt it important to draw attention to this race. We have BIG Problems in education, schools and prison reform in Ga and I wanna see change. I wanna see Yall active in Local politics.

That's bureaucracy.

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