It isn't everyday that the Kim Gordon offers her co-sign to an up-and-coming band, particularly an endorsement as empathetic as "hot as fuck." But that is how the indie rock legend has described Kills Birds, a noisy rock outfit out of Los Angeles. The group, which is preparing a debut LP for this August, is sharing a new single, 'Ow,' which highlights their knack for head-banging instrumentation and well0-focused fury.

The track makes use of several pounding performances from the likes of Jacob Loeb (guitar), Fielder Thomas (bass) and Bosh Rothman (drums). Lead single Nina Ljeti, meanwhiles, performs vocal theatrics atop this cacophony, drawing the listener in with her audible sneer. 'Ow' also receives a behind-the-scenes boost from producer Justin Raisen, who has worked with Gordon, Sky Ferreira, John Cale, Angel Olsen and more. Raisen helped the band record its entire debut LP in just one 8-hour session last year.

"This is the first song we wrote where we really embraced ourselves and established the way we all write together -- with total abandon, and no regard for what is expected,” explains Ljeti and Loeb. “I started playing the riff. We hit record on an iPhone and then Nina started singing and yelling gibberish in my bedroom. Speaking in tongues and shit. From that point forward, we abandoned any sense of what the song should be. It kind of wrote itself."

You can stream Kills Birds' 'Ow' up above and be on the lookout for their self-titled debut record, due out on Aug. 28 via KRO Records. It if it is good enough for Kim Gordon, he may very well be good enough for all the rest of us.