Since the dissolution of Sonic Youth, the members have been up to various to different projects, musical and otherwise. One of the most intriguing is Body/Head, which finds Kim Gordon teaming up with Bill Nace for extended guitar jams and bleak poetry. They released Coming Apart in 2013, and will return for a second album called The Switch on July 13th through Matador.

The first track to be aired from the new album is 'You Don't Need', a song that introduces us back to the world of Body/Head with the warmth of a mausoleum. The same indefinable air from the first album has been preserved, with guitars stretching and whining across 7 minutes. Gordon's guttural vocals shiver in and out of the song, seemingly removing humanity than adding it. Check it out below.

Pre-order The Switch here, and check Body/Head's Facebook for their future tour dates.