Shot on location in LA in a "hippie commune," critically acclaimed Copenhagen-based DJ, jazz drummer and producer SLOWOLF (aka Andreas Asingh) and New Zealand-born singer Kimbra collaborated on the video for their blistering new pop single 'White Feathers.' Among the wooden crosses, rolling hills and abandoned, broken-down tin heaps, the pair deliver live session visuals that perfectly accompany Kimbra's supersonic vocals and SLOWOLF's pulsating production.

"In my world Kimbra is one of the greatest and most unique living female vocalists," SLOWOLF said of the collaboration. "She is an artist with a capital A and she has the craziest melodic surplus. After working remotely on the track we finally got to met face to face in a studio in Los Angeles and we only needed to play the song a few times before we recorded a live session video the day after - Instead of doing a normal music video I wanted to do a live session and we found this great location - a hippie ranch in the outskirts of LA. People were living in old trailers and busses surrounded by goats, donkeys, chickens and old cars – just the perfect setting for the song."