As 'the king of unrequited love' King Charles doesn't seem to mind boasting of his losses and in his new album 'LoveBlood' there are three songs, so he says, dedicated to 'Mississippi Isabel' and the below is one of his correspondences to Isabel that speak of his affection.


To Mississippi Isabel,

Thinking of you and the torment of unresolved passion I harbour leaves me with the loving feeling that comes but always goes.

Now that I am like stagnant water that yearns to flow, like a raindrop built for the ocean but has to fall alone, gleefully I'll run to you like a hippo runs to mud, like the running father to the prodigal son.

I remember the moment the blossom fell, the drifty dream world, where closer still we were, so close that I heard every breath leave your lungs, so close that your heart beat pumped my blood. Shivering in shame in the madness of slumber when I woke till I rose, these haunted thoughts scuttled like creatures behind my eyes, and black dogs growled behind me.

Every falling foot on my journey towards you stamps impending triumph upon the distance between us; until my foot falls I'll be like a caged animal built for the wild of love but tamed by solitude. I'll miss you like the drought misses the flood, there is no glory without you and I'll remember you as the queen who never wore her crown and left the King alone on the throne.

Ever Yours,