Wow, this group does not know when to rest. Any other band would have been worn out of ideas at King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard’s pace, but this Australian septet pushes back against presuppositions and amps up their energy to unadulterated proportions. With their latest track titled ‘Planet B,’ the Australian band also take their weird to a whole new level with thrash metal excitement and a violent music video for kicks.

Premiering just a week after the release of ‘Boogieman Same,’ the second single from their forthcoming album Fishing for Fishies, ‘Planet B’ does not appear on the new record. Could this throbbingly grisly track be the beginnings of yet another album on the way? I wouldn’t put it past the Melbourne natives. Speculation aside, ‘Planet B’ shows a heavier sound that we haven’t seen from King Gizzard since 2017’s Murder of the Universe. While I say it's their heaviest since, ‘Planet B’ is the band’s most menacing offering altogether.

Bellowing like madmen over thunderous drums, scummy bass and razor-sharp riffs, the official music video to ‘Planet B’ proves to be equally menacing. Commencing with the bandmates howling like senseless monkeys, the members unleash their primal instincts as they mosh and thrash around like mindless science experiments in an open field, only to be subsequently gunned down by a mysterious person to close the video out.

With the band posing more questions than answers in anticipation of Fishing for Fishies—naturally—make sure to fulfill your undying thirst for King Gizzard by checking out the music video above and preorder the new album, out April 26.