The hip-hop genre likes to appoint kings and queens, more so than any other genre that we can recall, but with the release of his debut studio LP My Everlasting Zeal, rapper King Mez might just be making a run for the crown. Why is this relevant you ask, well we've got a stream and download of the LP for you today!

The LP is this follow up to his mixtape King's Khrysis, and boy is it a stylized and great collection of tracks. You can hear and/or download My Everlasting Zeal here.


  • 1. Intro
  • 2. About Me
  • 3. Timely Fashion
  • 4. Monte Carlo
  • 5. Tonight (ft. Drey Skonie)
  • 6. The Allure (ft. Drey Skonie)
  • 7. Highness (ft. Novakane)
  • 8. Reign
  • 9. The Queen
  • 10. Playskool
  • 11. Fallen (ft. Sarah Kaboo, Carlitta Durand & Dam)
  • 12. The Town
  • 13. The Diadem
  • 14. The Crown