Awareness around the unwarranted groping of women at concerts has been rising, with many bands speaking out from the stage during their sets to make it known that it's unacceptable and any would-be offenders are not welcome in these arenas. King Nun have recently come face to face with this horror at their own gigs, and have written a song about it called 'Greasy Hotel'. Theo explains more about it:

"Greasy Hotel was written after we were told a girl had been grabbed during one of our shows. This was made worse by the fact the guy reporting it said she shouldn’t be there if she was concerned about this happening. I felt so angry and guilty I didn’t know what to do with myself. This was the first time we’d experienced anything like this and it was definitely an eye opening experience for us. I wrote the first version of the song in a couple of minutes. We wanted the lyrics in the chorus to stand out and I felt it was important for the audience to hear ‘Take your hands off of her’ mid set. The song serves as reminder of our stance on this, as well as helping to vent on what I feel is a really important issue."

Despite the serious and pointed subject matter, King Nun have still made 'Greasy Hotel' into a catchy and eminently replayable song. And one that is likely to become a new tent pole in their incendiary live shows - of which they have a few coming up. Take a listen below (or on your preferred platform), and check out their dates beneath.

King Nun tour dates:

13 - Jimmy’s, Manchester, UK
14 - Sound Basement, Liverpool, UK
15 - Cafe Totem, Sheffield, UK
16 - The Garage, Glasgow, UK
18 - Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds, UK
19 - The Bodega Social Club, Nottingham, UK
20 - The Waterfront, Norwich, UK
21 - Camden Assembly, London, UK
22 – The Louisiana, Bristol, UK