American fuzz-rocker Kyle Thomas, aka King Tuff, recently put out a brilliant collection of post-garage/neo-psych tunes called Black Moon Spell. The album, his fifth, put us in a riff-based stupor. We needed more.

Here's a selection of His Majesty's favourite riffs:

AC/DC - 'Riff Raff'

"This riff is like a mischievous gremlin sniffing one million dirty panties."

Danzig - 'Not Of This World'

"This riff is like a rat sucking piss thru a twizzler."

Upsidedown Cross - 'Upsidedown Cross'

"This riff is like Satan taking a bath in liquified spiders."

Slayer - 'South Of Heaven'

"This riff is like Satan proposing to God with a ring made out of a foreskin."

Blue Cheer - 'Parchment Farm'

"This riff is like eating a raw onion like an apple."

Black Sabbath - 'Into The Void'

"This riff is a troll stomping thru a shitty swamp."

ZZ Top - 'Waitin' for the Bus'

"This riff is like a beard with legs driving a giant car in the shape of a sweet ass."

Sleep - 'Dragonaut'

"This riff is like a giant foot repeatedly tap dancing upon your crazy cranium."

Jimi Hendrix - 'Manic Depression'

"This riff is like a spiral staircase made out of a witch's nose hairs."

Led Zeppelin - 'Kashmir'

"This riff is a gorilla dressed in pimp clothes massaging your earlobes."

Fancy seeing King Tuff live? Check him out at the following dates:

  • November 17 - Manchester, Soup Kitchen
  • November 18 - Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete's
  • November 19 - Birmingham, The Oobleck
  • November 20 - London, Hoxton Sq Bar & Kitchen (SOLD OUT)
  • December 7 - London, The Coronet w/ Julian Casablancas + the Voidz