On August 5th, Tennessee based band Kings Of Leon released their first single for their upcoming  fourth album, Only By The Night. Since then, this song has quickly climbed up my most played on my iTunes - and if you're down with a band that stays true to the definition of Southern Rock'n'Roll then you yourself are in for a treat. According to lead man Caleb Followill, coming up with the hook for this song was "ridiculous." - in Caleb's words. "I was like, 'Come on man, I gotta be singing about someone's fiery sex for a year and half?'" Despite the somewhat embarrassing lyrics he's singing in his raw and soulful voice - Caleb is backed by a catchy opening riff, powerful drumming, and that raw rock sound that the Kings are so known for. According to bassist Jared Followill, this upcoming record will rock harder than ever before. "We've broadened our musical tastes in the past couple of years and feel we're ready to tackle our southern roots, again." Based off this single, I definitely agree with that statement.