Hailing from the sunny confines of Florida, the homespun pop of Kingsbury is marked by its bold, expressive sounds and colorful flourishes. But as her latest single, 'All Gone,' illustrates, Caroline Kingsbury has a real knack for crafting pop songs that are as enjoyable as they are thoughtful.

'All Gone' features an expansive and robust synth-pop sound that evokes the very best of vintage icons like Cyndi Lauper and contemporary stars like Carly Rae Jepsen. But much of the power resides in Kingsbury's vocals and, particularly, her lyrics.

"'All Gone' was the first song I self-produced since high school," says Kingsbury. "The reason I hadn’t produced something for myself in so long was that I was terrified of messing up and didn't think I could actually do it. I don't have any technical training and I previously lived in Nashville where everyone had legit training and equipment. I was feeling very lost and confused about pretty much everything, especially music. So I opened up GarageBand again and it turned into 'All Gone.'

"There are a million things this song could mean to me, but one is that I’m terrified of death," she continues. "I almost lost my brother to cancer a few years ago and it was an awakening at an early age that I didn't expect. I've had to wrestle with that anxiety pretty much everyday. The closer you get to someone, the worse it is, knowing that they will be 'gone' one day and that you will be gone one day. But I’ve come to accept it. Things will always end up moving on and that can beautiful. 'All Gone' is about moving on, whether it’s in a relationship, an anxiety, a place in our life, honestly whatever. I hope this song is a place people can come to wrestle with that."

You can stream Kingsbury's 'All Gone' up above and be sure to look out for her other tracks, which will be dropping throughout the year.