Whilst you were cringing, clapping and drinking heavily to get through Europe's most flamboyant (political) cringe-fest, there was a little something happening over at Kith. A brand new seasonal editorial was dropped; the final installment of a collection. Was it worth the wait? Well, you may now be half death after enduring too may screeching non-harmonies and Iceland's lyrical genius that was 'puh, puh, puh, puh, puh' so better feast those eyes on this...

Shot by Christina Paik, this final part of the indigo-dyed Spring/Summer 2014, 'Now Come to Me', has some strong individual pieces and some pretty in-your-face '90s references. The collection considers three specific washes of denim: "Rinsed," "Medium" and "Vintage", and this attention to detail is obvious in the quality - the idea of denim as a resilient and practical fabric that becomes customised and generally better with age has been reworked in a collection that is casual and quite sporty.

Sweatpants with triangle bikini tops nod to Gwen Stefani in the No Doubt heyday and this is a look that few such as Gwen or the model in this editorial, Val Smirnova, can make look good rather than horrifying. This is where the layering and showcasing of strong pieces make this collection feel more accessible. The set-up of this editorial with some odd poses and angles is a bit try hard and not massively original but it's saved by some bold styling by Mellany Sanchez. The knee high champion socks with new balance are a particular highlight.

Man, woman, woman with beard... who cares. The bottom line is that these clothes are going to look good on anyone really, whether reclining on a car roof in NYC or popping down to Tesco for some Jaffa Cakes in Finsbury Park.