I always find it difficult to review compilations. What exactly am I reviewing? The individual tracks? The order in which they are put together? Whether it introduces me to some new artists? In essence I suppose it is the combination of all these parts and whether it makes me want to listen again and again as a full album in its own right.

Kitsuné are past masters at putting together compilations such as this. Not only is this number 11 of the Maison series, but there have been plenty outside these not to mention releases put together by their own artists including Phoenix and Digitalism.

Kitsuné Maison, Vol. 11: The Indie Dance Issue is, as the name suggests, a collection of indie dance tracks. Some remixed, some in their original form. These range from some of today's 'next big things' such as Is Tropical and Gallops to a number of bands I'm personally unfamiliar with. It is here where the album ticks one of the boxes I mentioned in the first paragraph; namely by introducing me to a new artist. I have fallen in love with Alexander Dexter-Jones, who's 'Phantasic Phone Call' is track two and, well, fantastic. A quick look for further information on this man leads me to discover that he is the son of Mick Jones (of Foreigner fame, not of The Clash fame) and, although not nearly as MOR rock as his Dad, there is a definite influence from the 70s and 80s in his music.

Other highlights are few and far between though. It is very listenable and I really enjoyed my initial experience, but it doesn't tick the most important box I was looking for. I won't be going back for full listens in its own right. Maybe the release has come a couple of years too late? After all, if I want to listen to indie dance from Kitsuné I'll stick on The Whip instead. Now, I'm off to trawl the internet for more Alexander Dexter-Jones.