I, along with many others, have had my eye on Kitty Pryde (now just Kitty) for several years now, so today is very much a good day.

Last year, she began a Kickstarter campaign to get an album off the ground: "I want to finally create a REAL album," she said at the time. "I want it to sound perfect." Now, the album appears to be nearing completion as she's ready to share the first single as part of the 2016 Adult Swim Singles series, which has featured Vince Staples, Earl Sweatshirt, and more so far.

'Asari Love Song' sees Kitty channeling her inner '80s child, and it's glorious. "I'm really excited to share this song before any of the others from my new album, not only because I'm so pumped on the badass guitar solo but because it's one of the few songs that survived all three rewrites of the entire record," she told The FADER. "I wrote it during a week where I was a little too emotionally invested in the budding relationship between two characters in my Mass Effect game. I'm stoked to perform it on tour because I really like pretending I'm a hot bitch from the '80s."