Singer/rapper/producer Kitty has taken to Kickstarter to fund what she calls "Kitty's First Big-Girl Record" – her first full-length album.

On the Kickstarter page she says:

"Hi, friends!!!! My name is Kitty. I'm 22 years old, I'm a singer/rapper/producer and I've always been really into doing things all by myself.

"I've accomplished a lot of crazy things this way, but this time I have a project so big that the time has come to ask for a little help getting started: my first full-length, self-released record- which will also be my first project to ever be released physically!!!"

Just a few hours into launching the page, thousands of dollars began to pour in. At the time of writing, like right now, it's already at $19,153 of its $25,000 goal; it's taken less than 24 hours to get there. See below to see Kitty's continuing disbelief on Twitter at the speed at which her dream was being realised.