Madeline North, increasingly better known as So Below, has quickly grown a healthy online following thanks to her moody brand of electropop. With a steady trickle of singles coming out over the last two years, including gems like 'Drift,' new content from this awe-inspiring artist is always welcome. However, something about the stylish new video for 'Ruin' feels especially compelling from an always captivating artist.

Utilizing a series of surreal, cinematic shots cast under a red-blue hue, the video for 'Ruin' strikes a Lynchian tone. The neo-noir imagery hits all the right emotional notes as the track's pulsing instrumentals propel North's ethereal vocals upward. Music videos are ultimately about using visuals to capture the atmosphere of a song and few do it as well as 'Ruin.'

You can check the video for 'Ruin' out below, and you can buy the track here if you fancy. It is pretty damn addicting.