Namedropping kiwi pop music seems to be somewhat in vogue these days.  No Age, Jay Reatard, Bradford Cox, Steven Malkmus and Girl Talk have all cited an influence from some of the bands on this mix (In fact Malkmus made his appreciation slightly more obvious by covering The Verlaines 'Death and the Maiden'). What I've tried to do here is include some of my all-time favourite kiwi pop songs.  Some of these songs, like those by The Chills and The Clean, date back to the 1980's Flying Nun label.  Other bands on the mix, such as Thought Creature and Secret Knives, are more recent.  Enjoy! Tracklist: 1.  Fingerpops by Garageland 2.  Tally Ho by The Clean 3. Headin' by Surf City 4.  Pink Frost by The Chills 5. Death and the Maiden by Verlaines 6.  The Skeleton by Secret Knives 7. This Aching Deal by The Shocking Pinks 8. Pop Eats Pop by Tiger Tones 9. Sideways, Here We Come by Die!Die!Die! 10. Shake About by Thought Creature 11. Electrolysis by F in Math Download 'The 405 - Kiwi Pop Mixtape'