Who says the Swiss can't do Tropicália? Psych duo Klaus Johann Grobe create a strange, yet captivating fusion of Kraut rock and tropical vibes, which is showcased beautifully with the first track from their upcoming debut album, Im Sinne der Zeit (due out on April 29th via Trouble In Mind).

'Between The Buttons' catches your attention immediately due to its insane bass lines and crazy keys. It's a schizo-paced sound adventure and a great introduction to their first full-length release. Check out the track and the album's tracklist below.

  • 1. 'Between The Buttons'
  • 2. 'KOthek'
  • 3. 'Wir Zwei'
  • 4. 'Les Grecks'
  • 5. 'Koffer'
  • 6. 'Schlaufen der Zukunft'
  • 7. 'Aufstand'
  • 8. 'Regen Raus'
  • 9. 'Vergangenes'

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