We already knew the name and release date of the new Klaxons album, Love Frequency out June 9th on Akashic Records/Sony Red, but now we've got a face a few more names to put to that other name - a cover and a tracklisting.

The artwork features the cool little logo that's been everywhere during the album's promotion predominantly, and you just know it's going to emblazon a whole range of t-shirts, hoodies, and wristbands on their upcoming tour. Speaking of which, the band have announced four new UK shows, which you can see below alongside the tracklisting, and, most excitingly, a synthy new cut from the record called 'Atom to Atom'.

  • Love Frequency tracklisting:
  • 1. A New Reality
  • 2. There Is No Other Time
  • 3. Show Me A Miracle
  • 4. Out Of The Dark
  • 5. Children Of The Sun
  • 6. Invisible Forces
  • 7. Rhythm Of Life
  • 8. Liquid Light
  • 9. The Dreamers
  • 10. Atom To Atom
  • 11. Love Frequency
  • Tour Dates:
  • 27/05 - My Kyps - Poole
  • 28/05 - White Rabbit - Plymouth
  • 29/05 - Princess Pavilion - Falmouth
  • 30/05 - 2 Pigs - Cheltenham

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