Klaxons’ lead-singer Jamie Reynolds presents a new VBS.TV (Vice magazine’s groundbreaking online TV station) documentary about one of Britain’s most radical and influential filmmakers, Jack Bond. Filmed in the summer of 2010, Jack Bond obsessive Jamie spent the day with the 71 year old, recounting Jack’s tales of loosing 50 mental patients on a shoot, bumping into famous friends, and discussing Jack’s relationship with Jane Arden, before eventually ending up at a fun fair to recite poetry on the teacups. One of Britain’s most influential filmmakers, Jack Bond is probably most famous for his revolutionary documentary on Salvador Dali in 1965. Entitled Dali in New York, the documentary was the only one ever to be filmed with Dali’s cooperation. Bond is also known for his series of iconic, psychedelic films including, Separation (1967), Vibration (1975), and Anti-Clock (1979), which were filmed with his lover Jane Arden. However, after Arden’s suicide in 1982, Jack banished the films until only last year, when he then allowed them to be released on DVD. Watch the trailer for 'VBS meets Jack Bond' below
The two-part documentary can be viewed in full now at VBS.TV www.VBS.tv