01 Here's a photo I took when Simon was calling us a cab to sound check. It was right after we had an amazing lunch at a small Chinese restaurant in London.

02 This was taken the morning after we went and saw Artful Dodger and MC Neat, so we were exhausted. It was one of our last days in London with a photographer called Liam Hart. It was a confusing day, full of rain and sunshine.


We took this in our Airbnb whilst finishing off final vocals for 'Nylon'.


This is the first photo we took when we landed in LA.


We snapped the sun setting after playing at a festival called Lightning In A Bottle in San Jose. It was our first time playing a festival in the US, so it was a really exciting time for us.


This is in a motel we stayed in in downtown LA. It was the last night there and we didn't feel too safe being outside in the dark, so we spent the night mixing our song 'Virtue'.

07 Us getting cash out, always getting cash out.


This is our Airbnb on the first day we landed in Croatia. We had set up our stations to finish recording some tracks for the album. Here's where we made 'Downfall', and also did our washing.


Us roaming the streets of Dubrovnik on our day off.


This is the set we made for the virtue video clip. It was a live performance that we shot in a dingy nightclub during the day with our new UK friends.


Kllo's debut album, Backwater, is out now. Check out the video for 'Downfall', below.