The damp squib that is the UK's Summer has taken its toll on the first major festival of the year. Chaos has descended upon the Isle of Wight this weekend, as adverse weather conditions have left the islands famous festival site waterlogged and roads flooded.

Cancellations to the ferry services and traffic congestion on the island left six hundred people stranded on board ferries while some people were given shelter overnight by Newport Football Club. Earlier today BBC Radio 4 spoke to Fiona Gregory, one would be reveler who was still stuck in one of the islands tailbacks, "On the island it has been a nightmare. There is no police, no diversion signs, nothing. Now we're about two miles away on a country lane and we have moved one mile in the last four hours."

Arguably given the recent weather conditions and restrictive transport options on the island there should have been a plan to cope with this kind of a scenario and organisers are now being forced to come up with a plan to avoid this happening again prior to the festivals close this Sunday.

"Believe you me, I am doing everything in my power and the police are telling me to do everything in my power, because they want an emergency plan from me by Sunday about how we are going to get people out," said promoter John Giddings.

Are you on your way there? Have you given up and turned back home? Given the rising prices of weekend festivals, does this put you off committing to future festivals?