Knightstown today reveals his brand new single ‘Charlatan’. It’s a delicate, haunting piece of alternative that builds naturally, hushed percussion sounds accompanying the airy vocal delivery. Artificial electronic notes hover high over Michael’s layered melody, in a manner similar to early Alt-J, settling somewhere between church and club.

Knightstown, AKA Michael Aston, has been perfecting and developing his sound tirelessly over the last few years and this new cut is a reflection of that hard work. This single precedes a debut EP, due for release Spring 2018.


Within ‘Charlatan’ there are overt references to Aldous Huxley’s seminal novel Brave New World. The book had a profound impact on Aston, but he is keen for the listener to reach their own conclusions as to lyrical themes.

Listen to ‘Charlatan’ below.


Knightstown is the solo vocal/electronic project of composer and songwriter Michael Aston. He was signed to FatCat in 2016, after submitting Disparity in 2014, a demo which quickly became one of the label’s most listened to tracks on the FatCat Demo site. Working closely with his cousin and producer, Thomas Aston, Knightstown honed the project over the course of a year. The end result is a series of songs that are beautiful, dark and evocative. While Knightstown is influenced by left-field downtempo and electronic contemporaries, it still inhabits the world of ‘pop’ in its broadest sense.