'Xingfu Lu' is Kode9's first single in over two years.

With a steady crisp downbeat as its foundation, 'Xingfu Lu' has a more stumbling presence than expected. There's an almost bipolar quality to the track as it shifts from synth bursts to rhythmic pulsing. As the percussive rhythms threaten to go off the beat, it's the synths that tie it back to the always present drumbeat. By constantly dropping the beat, 'Xingfu Lu' teases listeners with false endings only to begin again as if nothing happened. It makes for a confusing listen as the track shuffles forward lazily, breaks into a sprint and back to shuffle, always heading for a cliff it never seems to reach. There are no soaring or hard hitting moments here. Just careening rhythms with little atmosphere.

'Xingfu Lu' also feels as if it’s holding back, reserving energy but not delivering, despite the back and forth chaos and straightforward dance beat. It ends up leaving me wanting something more substantial.