We discovered multi-media artist, creative director Kojey recently and his on-going multi-format project is both brilliant and unusual, and seems to be building up some real steam across purveyors of the unusual.

We're excited to present the newest instalment in the series, entitled 'Gun Fight With a Bottle', and by way of introduction the man himself kindly wrote us a little origin story, an inspirational story of challenges overcome through sheer creative will-power. Watch below, then read on for Kojey's take and more info on ChapterTWO. It's fascinating stuff and indicative of a wonderfully diverse collection of young, alternative British talent.

An Exercise of Imagination + Test of Ability + Over Stepping a Boundary = Kojey Radical

I don't know where my interest in the arts originated from. I was never able to colour within the lines, I didn't like the idea of conforming to predetermined boundaries, even at the tender age of 6. The exact journey that took me to where I am today is long winded and convoluted; I had a lot energy as a kid. Between 7- 14 I got put into every kind of childhood class you could think of Acting school, html website building, capoeira , street dance, contemporary dance, art class, reading club, writing workshops, modelling … The list goes on. Excluding website building and capoeira I found out that I was good at a lot of things & I really enjoyed being able to do everything.

As you get older you're more or less told/forced to go down one route ( usually the route that makes you the least happy but the most money.) The older I got the more that bothered me. When anyone would ask me "so, what do you do?" I would fumble over my words trying to get this huge list of talents out in one sentence. Flash backs of those predetermined colouring book boundaries came rushing back each and everytime.

My interests and influences were always so all over the place my mum had a hard time buying gifts for me. One minute I'd want to listen to new jack swing and play with beyblades, the next I wanted Linkin Park CDs and began painting pictures inspired by jazz music. Gradually I followed my interests through one by one, trying to find a way to not segregate my outputs.

I began as an artist, painting... drawing… brooding. I wanted to be a cartoonist or a comic book artist as a child, me and my friends would create stories through msn conversations that we gave over complex background stories too… so complex that we couldn't actually draw them at all. I don't think that bothered us, I think the fun came from exercising our imaginations. As I grew as an artist, I would do the same thing to my images. Over complicate them with context till it actually didn't translate in the artwork anymore. I took to poetry to communicate what I couldn't through art. Everything else just follows the same path I think…

An exercise of imagination + test of ability + over stepping a boundary = Kojey Radical.

I still get confused about how to describe what I do but effectively, I use imagery, poetry, fashion and music to make art…

I make art.

What is Chapter Two?

Chapter Two is the new collection of work from East London Artist and Writer, Kojey Radical. Chapter Two recounts moments and experiences from the artists life with thought provoking spoken word poetry, creative detailed visuals and a new body of artwork from the artist himself and guest artists like Stephanie K Kane and Patataj. Kojey has collaborated with a number of talents during Chapter Two, enlisting the help of fresh up and coming directors, musicians and stylists that he personally believes in. Names such as Pegah Gashtasbi, Craig Mph, Umps Machaka, Confz, Anette Sandberg, Rahel Yohannes, Sir Berus and Rashid Babiker all play big part in crafting Chapter Two and helping to push the culture forward. Chapter Two manages to incorporate a number of different art forms into one, touching on subject matter personal to the artists life with unique methods of delivery and performance. Kojey Radical has managed to strategically weave a beautiful concept piece that connects on a multitude of different levels speaking on betrayal, drug abuse, theism, break ups, struggle and self doubt.

Chapter Two began 31.3.13 with the release of EQUIVOCAL a collaborative piece with Singer Songwriter Rahel Yohannes and carry on with monthly releases up until August 28th ending with a live show, exhibition and screening of Kojey's next Fashion Film Lagom:Assez an awaited sequel to his first short film Lagom Ar Battre.

The concept around Chapter Two is based on uncertainty and an artist choosing to tell his own story before he dies taking the line "An artist is only big when he's dead so whats he's relevance, it's funny when his talent is claimed as heaven sent" (Flirting with success, 2010) and choosing to explore feelings and emotions of said artist before his legend is glorified after death. This particular concept is evident in the title piece Chapter Two and Peter Pan Diet Two, where he continues to delve in to the realities of wanting to take your self out of a negative situation and escape the feelings of your talents being worthless. Credited on his story telling abilities Kojey often starts you off in the middle of a scenario, gradually piecing the story together while contributing deeper layers to matter at hand with his method of delivery.

Chapter Two is the first in what will be an on going body of work, gradually connecting and weaving together as the chapters progress.