The new tune, 'Sun', by Welsh, Glasgow based Lucky Me and Numbers affiliate, Koreless is a big departure from the gloomy, sparse 2 step and bass influenced sound that he has come to be known for. It is a minimal, contemplative, virtually beatless piece of music, reminiscent, in compositional style, to the classical, minimal composers of the 1960s 'New York downtown scene', people like; Phillip Glass or Terry Riley.

Koreless, just like these composers, plays around with constant consonant harmony, repeated motifs and musical phrases - that appear and reappear throughout the track - and gradual transformation, with more pads and instruments being slowly added and removed from the atmospheric, ambient bed that the high frequency melodic elements play off. The main difference obviously being that the aforementioned classical composers, and their ilk, more often than not, used traditional, organic, orchestral instruments, whereas Koreless uses, lush, atmospheric synthetic strings and pads to achieve his desired emotional responses.

One of the main things I like about 'Sun' is the fact that he has pretty much stayed away from incorporating cyberpunk, sci-fi, Vangelis edged synth work to the tune, instead preferring to use a slightly different palate of sounds than you would expect from someone writing expansive, electronic orchestral leaning movements such as this. As a result of this decision the whole thing seems fresh and new rather than clichéd or played out.

Yūgen, his new EP, which features this track, is out on Young Turks on May 20th.