Koreless has been working away on creating more of his stunning artworks-in-audio-form since the release of his breathtaking Yugen EP earlier this year for his new LP, and word of a live set has just passed from his PR folks.

A powerfully experimental and truly unique producer, it's a bit of an understatement to say we're excited to see what kind of show he has in mind, particularly after stating that he definitely wouldn't be interested in using live instruments to recreate his sounds on stage back in June.

The live show is billed as "intimate" and takes place at London's The Laundry on November 15th.

While you check out the event (here) watch the mesmerising snippet Koreless shared of spider webs shining in the sun over the top of a what could be a new track preview. It's probably the most beautiful thing we've seen/heard all week.