Label: Paw Tracks Release date: 10/01/10 Kria Brekkan MySpace Kría Brekkan (formerly of mum, and now Mrs. Avey Tare) shares a few tendencies with influential musician Brian Eno, primarily a love of treatments on any instrument that might need it and a focus on the ambience of a recording as well as the actual production side. On her first release on her own, and the first one since the divisive Pullhair Rubeye, Kría Brekkan presents her likely thesis statement: She is here to make some unsettling and bizarre music that is just weird enough to be good. Title track ‘Uterus Water’ lazes by on heavily effected vocals (reminiscent of an Enossification circa Genesis days), an ambience straight out of Feels (another album she contributed to), and the gentle sounds of rainsticks. Rather than an actual song with a typical structure, it’s a cloud of sound that floats in, surrounds like a fog, and then slowly dissipates leaving nothing behind. When the song ends with a low drone and the possible sound of a flanger left on, it’s as soothing as it is off-putting. In fact, any drone that low creates a feeling of unease in a listener due to the actual biological effects, but it’s just so fitting. Second song ‘Place Of You’ is all piano and vocals and maybe a little harmonium or accordion, immediately recognizable is that voice and soft-spoken way of understating everything. “I found that place of you/I found it deep and hidden” she sings, loosely doubling herself in harmonies that never line up. It’s beautiful, chilling, and a cold water splashed on your face after that wafting opener. Closer ‘Ribbon Bow’ is another cloud, this time of heavily treated vocals and a bit of electronics twittering away at the right ear. It’s another unsettling piece, but another pretty one, again focusing more on enveloping than moving in a way that works. And despite being only seven minutes of music, it feels longer thanks to the resounding nature of each piece. While this debut recording shows two distinct sides, it furthers the fact that Brekkan is finished with her Icelandic band days. She is now a full-fledged solo artist, and has made something uniquely enjoyable in its pure largeness. With time, she may be one of the driving forces of new ambient – now if she’ll only sit in with personal favorites Natural Snow Buildings we’d have something flawless… Rating: 8/10