Last week, it was reported that Kraftwerk's forthcoming show in Buenos Aires had been canceled. When five people died in Argentina at Time Warp festival earlier this year, the city banned electronic music festivals - and any other concerts using "synthesizers or samplers" altogether. Because of that, Kraftwerk's November 23 concert had been denied a permit from the city. But people were not happy and they fought back.

"You can't persecute and sanction an entire musical genre just because of one negligent entrepreneur," Federico Arancibia, a founder of the Asociación Civil de Música Electrónica, had said. "Cancel Kraftwerk because of what happened at Time Warp? No one told them that the only pill that Kraftwerk fans take in 2016 is Ibuprofen."

Now, their local courts has reversed their decision after show promoters Move Concerts submitted an appeal that seemed to explain in detail the difference between a Kraftwerk concert and those wild unruly electronic music festivals.