Label: Hockey Records Release date: 15/03/10 Link: Myspace I have always been of the opinion that the best folk musicians were always going to be American, but when I stumbled across Krissy and the Jackdaws, my opinion was changed rapidly. With their self-produced debut EP, the band is showing the UK what they've been missing. 'The Acorn And The Snake' is an assured opener, recalling Harvest-era Neil Young with sharp, thoughtful lyrics, a highly impressive blues guitar solo and a subtle, nuanced vocal performance. Following on, track two 'If A Letter Makes It Better' paints a brief yet insightful picture of compromise with its bittersweet lyrics and wistful harmonies. The richly layered 'Station Cat Story Time' sounds like a buoyant Bright Eyes, with the addition of banjo and Kristofer Harris' distinctive vocal style. The EP wraps up with 'Sew A Flag To My Chest’ blues guitar rolling subtle and soulful throughout, finally winding down and out leaving you craving more. Behind Krissy and the Jackdaws EP is a band who have created and refined their own sound and it's one I certainly enjoy. Rumour has it they're even better live.