Krista Papista, the "sordid pop" saboteur, has unveiled brand-spankin' new pop ditty, 'Bad F'. We drew comparisons to HEALTH, No Bra and Camilla Sparksss when she dropped 'Black Lagoon', but the new track worms its way into the dominion of shimmering alt-pop. Expect burnished beats ripped from discotheques, the odd bubblegum refrain jammed above a sour drawl, and a whirlwind intro that sounds like Nelly Furtado's 'All Good Things (Come To An End) spliced with German techno. It doesn't come much more disparate (or great) than this.

Oh, and there are rumblings of a debut album to be released over the next few months, which is an incredibly exciting prospect: "My new album is very close to being finished; it will definitely be released this summer. I think I am gonna name it Southern Horrors 'cause it feels like a horror film to me," Papista says.

Listen to 'Bad F' below.