An untamed version of this behemoth has been knocking around for a while, and it's been providing stone cold proof of the sonic refurbishment that overtakes current day Manchester for quite some time. 'Slowburn' is the first single awaiting a Sways release from Kult Country, built around a riff so sweet you wouldn't oppose to icing a cake with it. Imposing frontman Yousif bellows elongated howls over the scoping drone that is the very essence of the track, whilst short, precious keyboard melodies make the atmosphere almost tactile. Fuck your sound polls, fuck your lists, fuck your predictions. Keep your eyes firmly on this entity, as this is the stuff dreams are made off.

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Watch them here:

  • 15th March – Shacklewell Arms, London, UK
  • 23rd March – The Bunker, Manchester, UK
  • 31st March – Detestival, Sheffield, UK
  • 20th April – Soup Kitchen, Manchester, UK
  • 14th-16th June – Rockorama, Toulon, FR