Kurdish musicians have put together a fundraising concert in order to raise money for the treatment and rehabilitation of a 13-year-old boy severely injured by an unexploded bomb in his hometown of Cizre in Turkey.

Prominent Iraqi Kurdish harpist and singer Tara Jaff (pictured above), as well as singer Suna Alan, will be appearing alongside a host of other Kurdish musicians who have volunteered to play at the concert. It takes place this weekend at the Arcola Theatre, Dalston – see the end of this post for the lineup.

Citizens of the Kurdish majority town of Cizre, southeastern Turkey, were put under a week-long curfew as Turkish military moved against the PKK, deemed by Turkey to be a terrorist group. After the curfew was over, the 13-year-old boy in question – Yusuf Şık – went out to feed his chickens, but came into contact with an unexploded bomb, which caused him to lose his hand and leg; he has not the money nor the means of receiving treatment. Stories like this are tragically common in the area, where towns are bombed by the Turkish military seemingly with no regard for the safety, or the very lives, of civilians.

The upcoming concert is also being held in memory of filmmaker and human rights activist, Hacı Birlik. He was 24-years-old when he killed by security forces whilst at a pro-Kurdish protest, before his body was tied to a truck and dragged through the streets – also carried out by security forces. This is the same Turkey taking money from Angela Merkel to stem the flow of immigrants into Europe whilst also angling for a place in the EU.

The fundraising concert begins at 7:30pm on Sunday, 25th October; tickets (£10) are only available on the door. Those unable to make the concert can make donations over at this Justgiving page.

See below for a video of Tara Jaff performing 'Yaran Yaran'.

  • Lineup:
  • Tara Jaff [voice / harp]
  • Adib Rostami [kemancheh]

  • INTERVAL (15 mins)

  • Suna Alan [voice]
  • Salman Sobe [guitar]
  • Riza Koyupinar [percussion]
  • Soner Golbas [baglama / clarinet]