On 29th October, expect to see a unique tribute to a 20th century icon:

"‘Kurt and the Gang’ is a sticker collection chronicling the life, influence and friends of Kurt Cobain. The book is packed with 72 stickers and printed illustrations designed by 13 artists from around the world. Together, in some way, we hope to have captured a very unique and awesome generation of which Kurt was a giant part."

A lot of figures associated with the man will feature also, including; Courtney Love, Dylan Carlson, El Duce, The Pixies, Lead Belly, Daniel Johnston and Dave Grohl. And we will see illustrations from Patrick Schmidt, Murray Somerville, Chris Golden, Sean Morris, Brooke Olsen, Christoper Worker, Rob Goodall, Chaos vs Cosmos, Michael Hsiung, Paul Windle, Laura Handyside and Sophy Hollington.

Having released such wonderful publications in the past as the BILL MURRAY COLOURING BOOK, we're expecting this one to be a delight as well, and you can pre-order it now on the Belly Kids site.