Kwamie Liv has released another steamy cut from her forthcoming debut album, Lovers That Come and Go. ‘New Boo’ is a confessional late night ode to nostalgia and feelings of escape. Both the beat and its accompanying video are completely entrancing, Kwamie’s animated counterpart performs in some otherworldly strip club frequented by humanoid animal clientele.

Speaking on the track, Liv states: “I wrote ‘New Boo’ late one night on my guitar after coming home from a long studio session. I was tired, sitting on my couch caught somewhere between grunge nostalgia and images of neon lights and highways, part of me wanting to buy a one-way ticket to somewhere warm. With the video, it seemed like an obvious choice to ask Baby Duka to animate it, both as a cadeau to how big a part graphics were in the ‘Lost in The Girl’ project but also because the blurred lines between imagination and reality that are possible through drawing, suits the song.”

Kwamie Liv’s debut LP is due November 9 and promises more sensual, grand R&B/pop moments.