Kwamie Liv has released a delectable new track, ‘Follow Your Heart’, lifted from her upcoming debut album. It saunters effortlessly through the genres of pop, R&B and dance, as we follow entranced by Liv’s seductive enticing vocal delivery. Combining the breathless seduction of Solange with the otherworldly synth arrangement of Four Tet, the chorus is minimal and uncomplicated with a memorable and infectious pop hook.

Speaking of the track: “'Follow my Heart' was written at a really fast time last year. There was changes in my private life, I was traveling a lot in between working on my upcoming album, and had just come home from a road trip across America with two friends who were somewhat in the same phase of life as I was - all of us going 100 miles an hour but also really appreciating our freedom and meeting amazing people along the way.”

‘Follow My Heart’ adds to Kwamie’s growing discography and offers an exciting taster of her debut album expected later this year. Her rich tones are inviting whilst the composition of her music is both sensual and curious, making this Danish-Zambian artist a truly captivating prospect.