In all things creative, there are ups and downs. Some days you feel like you're bursting with ideas – virtually unstoppable. At other times it's more like, "Why am I even doing this?" Sometimes you need a little inspiration; if you're a writer, reading a wide variety of things is definitely a good thing to do; if you're a photographer, studying and admiring the work of other photographers makes sense; and if you make music, listening to music that resonates with you is the way to go.

Thus, Kyla La Grange takes us via a comprehensive playlist through the music that keeps her inspired, fresh and exciting sounds that effuse influence in her own work. Here's what she told us…

"I go through real ups and downs with writing, I guess like most writers. When I was younger I used to be much more prolific, writing all the time, but I think that was because I used to have depression so songs were an outlet and an escape; something I felt like I needed to do in order to cope. My first album was written like this.

"As I got older I stopped getting depressed (still don't know why but I'm grateful that it happened...) and found that I had to look a lot deeper for inspiration and motivation to write, because the feelings weren't all there up in my face all the time anymore. I wrote my second album about stories from childhood and growing up, and listened to a lot of different genres to inspire me.

"These days if I find even one song I love, or go to a gig that gets me excited, I can have a good writing week, whereas before the motivation to write was much more internal as opposed to external. These are some of the songs that got me excited to keep writing."


  • 1. Son Lux - 'Easy'
  • 2. Cat Power - 'Cherokee'
  • 3. Radiohead - 'All I Need'
  • 4. Purity Ring - 'bodyache'
  • 5. This Mortal Coil - 'Song to the Siren'
  • 6. Tourist - 'Your Girl'
  • 7. Sia - 'Elastic Heart'
  • 8. Lana Del Rey - 'Fucked My Way Up To the Top'
  • 9. La Roux - 'Sexotheque'
  • 10. Ben Khan - 'Savage'
  • 11. Bat for Lashes - 'Laura'
  • 12. Robyn - 'Call Your Girlfriend'
  • 13. Mø - 'Pilgrim'
  • 14. Booka Shade - 'In White Rooms'