L.A. Salami is a London-based poet and musician with two albums already under his belt. He's also just announced that he has a new EP called L.A. Salami's Walkabout coming out on September 27th through Sunday Best. He's shared the lead single from the EP, 'Tinder', which is sure to grab your attention.

Musically, 'Tinder' is skeletal yet compelling, with disembodied wails and plinking electronic sounds bubbling up between the most simple of hi-hats. But it's to the words that your attention will be truly pulled, as L.A. Salami discusses how his boredom has led him to trying Tinder ("yes, that find-and-fuck phone application"). A subject that has become more and more prevalent in modern music, this take on the dating app phenomenon is perhaps the most honest and poetic there has been yet. You'll have to listen for yourself below.

L.A. Salami's new EP L.A. Salami's Walkabout comes out on September 27th through Sunday Best. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.