Everyone knows Teeth now, maybe from their cyber punk awesome music, or maybe from that time they hacked Lady Gaga’s twitter, so it’s only fair you get to party with them (or Veronica at least) at the L_A_N party this coming Friday (29th Oct). For those not in the know of futuristic fashion magazines, L_A_N is one hell of a magazine that takes the parts of fashion that are actually interesting and studies them, as well as taking a look at what inspires fashion and general oddities (and I quote, “The bionic contact lens that will enable one to view computer graphic displays that can be worn in the eye.”) So yeah, it’s one hell of a magazine that is well worth supporting no matter what you do. But, how about supporting it by partying? Two birds one stone my friend. The party is at Camp Basement on Friday the 29th of October and it features some of the best talent of the current London electronic scene. There’s nightcycler Seams, synth fiddlers D/R/U/G/S, dub grime aficionado Becoming real and totes-not-chillwave-(no-really-it’s-not,-it’s-actually-really-good) Brassica all playing for your aural pleasure as well as a DJ set from Teeth themselves that will be full of whatever you won’t expect. Other DJ sets are courtesy of Teengirl Fantasy, Graham Gadget and C Powers. Tickets are £5 or Free if you help them publish their new issue on Kickstarter. And as it’ll post to anywhere in the known universe, you’ve got no excuse not to. There’s nothing better to do on a Friday night than go to an awesome party in London, right? It’s where all the cool kids will be. Don’t miss it. CLICK HERE