Rad Horror are a band that recently whirled into our consciousness with their debut single 'Dark Times', a raw and engrossing introduction - but that was only a minor crash compared to what they have in store next.

'Stay Out' is the next bullet from Rad Horror, bursting straight through your eardrums and into your psyche with no reservations. Singer Dylan Jackson is savage both lyrically and in his delivery, scouring his depression for all its worth and admitting "I wanna see the sunshine/ But I'll never get out." His voice is given a razor edge by the scything punk rock emitted from his bandmates, both muscular and dynamic in their propulsive gait. Altogether, this makes 'Stay Out' a thrilling fireball of a single.

Jackson is cryptically confrontationl in his comments about the song saying: "There’s an entire generation of artists out there mocking the written word by throwing nonsense sentences together and calling it poetry. They are the downfall of generations to come. Stay out."

Check out 'Stay Out' below.

If you're in Los Angeles you can catch Rad Horror later this month:
Urban Outfitters Space. Space 15/Twenty in Hollywood.
1/20/18 7pm w/ War Twins and Love Nothing.

For the rest of us, keep up with Rad Horror on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter.