Born and raised in Los Angeles, neek has often found her city reflected in her music. The intricate blend of urban sprawl and lush countryside can be found in neek's compositions, which are oftentimes both electronic and naturalistic. With her debut EP Words I Shouldn't Have coming out this October, neek has teamed with up with Saro to showcase her thrilling talents on the single 'Something New Something Blue.'

Dealing with pain, loss, and longing, 'Something New Something Blue,' and Words I Shouldn't Have as a whole, explores some of the most difficult emotions with a stunning amount of candor and vulnerability. According to both neek and Saro, this would not have been possible without their unique chemistry.

"I rarely have other artists over for sessions, partly because my studio is in my bedroom but also because I mostly just prefer to work alone. That being said, I have Saro over as much as possible," explains neek. "He's down to experiment and get weird and I feel like he pushes me to think outside my box. When I'm producing, he tunes in and out in a way where I don't feel like there's a microscope on me, so I'm free to work through ideas and try whatever I want without constant interruption. His voice is one of the most emotive and dynamic voices I've heard and provides a canvas where I can emulate instruments and use it to layer in the bed of the track in a really satisfying way."

Saro echoed this sentiment, saying that working with neek allows both of them to "be completely ourselves."

"We have known each other for over a decade and maintained a closeness through the highs and lows, wins, and losses," he said. "neek always has a way of bringing raw emotion out of me like nobody else can."

You can check out the video for 'Something New Something Blue,' which was directed by Matt Alves and Amy Narodovich, up above. You can also check out a stream for the track down below if that is more your speed. And be sure to check out neek's debut EP, Words I Shouldn't Have, which is due out on Oct. 19 via Mateo Sound.